If you haven’t seen the new Series 2 of the Silver Seeker Collectible Cards, now’s the time!  As you may know, the first series of Seeker cards was a VERY limited trial run, and it went over very well.  Because of all of your support, I was able to put some time into Series 2 and make it a much less limited run!

In series 2, we tripled the number of total cards in the set to 18!  We also created a common and a rare attirbute for the series!  With the Series 2 card set, the rares are all the community member cards!  This series we featured some prominent members of the community such as Ravenhawk Coins, RobFindsTreasure, Couch Collectibles, and Half Dolla Make You Holla!  We also featured many more type coins such as the Flowing Hair Chain Cent, and the Seated Liberty Half Dollar with Arrows and Rays!

The cards come in both Premium (Holo Foil), as well as regular finish.  Obviously, the Premium Foil ones will be quite a bit more rare.  They sure are gorgeous to look at also!

It’s safe to say that I am very excited to share the entire Series 2 Card Images with you, so feel free to check out the Gallery, and if you are interested, we have them available in 5 card booster packs on the Coolstax Vault.  We’ll also give some cards away from time to time, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the giveaways!


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Click Here to see the full Gallery of all 18 Series 2 Cards!