What is Seeker Poured Silver?

Seeker Poured Silver is just how it sounds, Hand-Poured Silver by Silver Seeker!

I don’t consider my Poured Silver items to be anything special, and I don’t think that because they’re hand-poured by me that they’re worth anymore more than just your everyday generic Silver Round… BUT, it’s a blast to pour Silver Pieces, and those that DO purchase them from me are definitely supporting the channel and what I do, and in a HUGE way!

Some of my pours will be more exclusive than others for sure, but again, don’t let that make you believe it’s worth more, it’s just that I may have no poured very many of a certain design!

Searchable Database?

Each Hand Poured Silver piece that I create will get it’s own CoA, hand-signed by me along with a serial number!

What’s even more awesome is you can actually search for your serial number on my website and compare it to your Seeker Poured Silver piece to confirm that it’s the legitimate piece that I poured! (Not that anyone is going to try and fake and/or copy my pieces). 

Feel free to browse the quick Q&A below, and if you have any further questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact Silver Seeker directly!


Why do you Pour Silver?
To be honest, it’s actually alot of fun!  I had many people that watch the channel tell me over the years that I should pour my own Silver pieces, and I just never did it.  But one day I was offered a free furnace if I used it on my channel, and I figured that was a sign to get started!

Want to see what it was like for me my first days pouring Silver?  Take a look at this video here!

Do You Sell Your Silver Pours?
Yes, although I don’t make a mass amount of them, so they may be hard to find at times!

Some of my pours will be listed on my website, some will only be made available to Channel Members, and some may be in my Live Auctions! But I will do my best to make as many available as possible!

Do your pours add any value to the Silver?
In my honest opinion, not really. BUT, those that want to support my channel and also have something cool that I did by hand may be interested in my poured Silver products!

That said, this is DEFINITELY not the best way to stack Silver, and I would really urge you that if you want one, to just get ONE as a collector piece, and use the rest of the money you would have spent to buy low premium Silver Rounds and other Silver items… Stack Heavy!

Do You Guarantee the Purity of your Pours?

The only thing that I guarantee is that the source material (the Silver that I melted for my pours), was at least the purity that is indicated on the pour and COA.

Unfortunately I have no way to verify that no contaminants entered the metal and made it slightly less than the original source material, but to be honest that’s extremely unlikely!