General Disclaimer

Note: I am NOT a financial advisor!

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Phone Shop Call Disclaimer

When making anonymous phone calls to coin shops for information, I strictly adhere to state laws regarding recording. In One-Party Consent states, I may record calls since only one party (myself) needs to consent. In Two-Party Consent states, I do call for information but do not record. While not required, I anonymize details from each coin shop, such as location, business name, and personnel names. I also use voice-masking technology. The primary intent of these videos is to educate consumers on market trends and pricing, not to single out specific coin shops.

Special Guests / Interviews Disclaimer

The views expressed by guests on my channel are their own and might not reflect the opinions of Silver Seeker or Coolstax.

About Silver Seeker

Silver Seeker is involved in the buying and selling of precious metals like silver and gold bullion, which means I have a significant vested interest in these metals. Additionally, I am proudly sponsored by SD Bullion, a company that also has a vested interest in the performance of precious metals. I also offer products such as mystery packs, bullion boxes, and more on my online store. Please keep this in mind when viewing my videos, live streams, or reading articles on this site.