Welcome to Silver Seeker Auctions!

Silver Seeker’s Live YouTube Auctions

Welcome to Silver Seeker’s auction space! We regularly host auctions on our YouTube channel, showcasing rare coins, vintage silver bullion items, and much more.

Before participating, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the guidelines. On this page, you’ll find detailed rules and information about our live auctions, ensuring you have a seamless bidding experience.

Auction Participant Rules

Auction Bidding Guidelines

To participate in our auction, please ensure you meet the following criteria and are aware of our auction conditions:


  1. You must be a registered bidder or a YouTube channel member. To become a member, click here.
  2. You must possess a PayPal or CashApp account and have a U.S. address (we only ship auction items within the U.S.)
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older.


Shipping costs a flat rate of $4, regardless of the number of items won. However, if you are a YouTube member, you benefit from free shipping.

Payment & Purchase

  1. All sales are final. If you believe an item was misrepresented after receiving it, please contact us.
  2. If you have to leave before the auction concludes, you can opt to pay early. Otherwise, all payments are due at the end of the auction.
  3. For PayPal payments, use https://www.paypal.me/coolstax. Choose the ‘Goods and Services’ option.
  4. For CashApp payments, use the cashtag: $SilverSeekerYT.

Item Grading

The grading of coins is based on my personal opinion. I don’t guarantee that my grade will align with another individual’s or company’s assessment, such as PCGS or NGC. All auction items will have close-up views, so ensure you make informed judgments.

How does Bidding Work?

Auction Bidding Guidelines

Each auction lot starts with a predetermined starting bid. Once the bidding opens, registered bidders and YouTube channel members can place their bids. Silver Seeker will monitor and announce the leading bid in real-time on the stream.

As activity for a lot wanes, Silver Seeker may initiate a countdown timer. If someone places a new bid during the countdown, the timer resets. Should no new bids emerge as the timer runs out, the Auction Bot will declare the highest bidder the winner.

Note: YouTube stream delays mean the timer you see is a few seconds behind the real count. Be proactive with your bids. If you wait until the last moment to bid and the Auction Bot ends the timer, the lot is closed.

How to Bid

Use the command !bid # to place your bid.

Example: !bid 50 means a bid of $50. This supersedes the current bid. For instance, if the ongoing bid is $10 and you input !bid 50, the new bid is $50. Ensure your bid surpasses the present highest bid.

After a lot’s bid surpasses $100, kindly increase your bids in $5 increments to expedite the auctioning of popular lots.

Reserve Lots

Some lots might have concealed reserve prices. These lots are indicated on the spreadsheet, and the reserve status is declared before bidding starts. If bids don’t meet the reserve, the top bidder can opt to purchase the lot at the reserve price. Otherwise, the lot remains unsold. We will disclose the Reserve Price only if bidders don’t match or exceed it.

IMPORTANT: Silver Seeker can override the Auction Bot for reasons he considers valid. This might be necessary if a valid bid is overlooked by the bot or other technical errors arise. Regardless of the Auction Bot’s declaration, Silver Seeker’s decision is final.

How to Register for Auctions

At Coolstax, we prioritize the integrity of our LIVE Auctions. It’s essential that every bidder is genuine with a genuine intent to win and finalize their auction purchases. To achieve this, we’ve implemented a Registered Bidders requirement.

Why do we need this? There are individuals, known as ‘fake bidders’ or ‘shill bidders’, who artificially inflate bids without any intention to pay. Not only is this unethical and against the spirit of fair auctions, but it’s also potentially illegal. By requiring registration, we can ensure that each bid is tied to a real person, with the goal of preventing this disruptive activity.

If you place a bid without being a registered bidder, your bid will be ignored. Our system will notify you of your non-registered status. Continued attempts to bid without registration will lead to a temporary timeout from the chat, ensuring a smooth auction experience for others. If such behavior persists, it could escalate to a permanent ban from the channel. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards such disruptions.

How do I Register?

Registering is straightforward. Visit our registration page. The nominal fee of $1 serves as a validation method, ensuring our bidders are genuine individuals ready to engage in the auction genuinely.

Click Here to Register!

Note: During the registration process, you’ll need your YouTube channel name, which is the name you are see as in the chat.

If you have questions or require further clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out. Email Silver Seeker for assistance.

Auction Giveaways

During our Auction LIVE Streams, we occasionally host giveaways. These special events are announced during the LIVE Auction and follow the same guidelines as giveaways during our Coin Roll Hunting (CRH) Streams.

While specific rules for each giveaway will be available in the Auction Stream description, here’s a brief overview for your convenience:

Giveaway Rules:

  • Giveaways are void where prohibited by law.
  • YouTube is not associated with, nor does it endorse, our giveaways, Coolstax.com, or the Silver Seeker LIVE Stream.
  • Participation in our giveaways means you release YouTube of any liability connected to the giveaway.
  • By entering, you confirm you meet all eligibility requirements and accept our giveaway rules.

For a comprehensive breakdown of rules, eligibility criteria, and other related details, please visit our official giveaway page: Silver Seeker’s YouTube Giveaways.

How to Pay for Your Auction Wins!

How to Pay for Your Silver Seeker LIVE Auction Wins

Shipping Information:

Channel Members: Good news! You get Free Shipping.

Non-Channel Members: A $4 shipping fee applies for the entire auction.

Payment Methods:

We accept payments via PayPal or CashApp.

Viewing Your Wins:

To view the lots you’ve won and calculate your total, visit the auction spreadsheet. Make sure to check the total column on the spreadsheet which includes any bonus items you added on.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions about your wins or any related matters, don’t hesitate to email us at silverseeker@coolstax.com.