Welcome to Silver Seeker Auctions!

Silver Seeker holds periodic auctions on his YouTube channel that features rare coins and currency, vintage Silver Bullion items and more! 

On this page there are rules and detailed information that you can read about the LIVE auctions, including how to participate and be able to bid!

Auction Participant Rules
  • To be able to bid you must either be a Registered Bidder or a YouTube channel member!
  • You MUST have PayPal and a U.S. Address: We only ship Auction Items to the U.S.
  • You Must be 18 Years of Age or older!
  • Shipping is a flat rate of $4 regardless of the number of items you win.
    • If you are a Youtube Member you get free shipping.
  • All Sales are Final, but if you feel an item has been mis-represented after you receive it, please e-mail me!
  • If you need to leave before the end of the auction you may pay early, but otherwise please wait until the end. Payment is due at the end of the auction.
  • Coins that I grade are my opinion ONLY and I do not guarantee that my grade will be the same as another person or companies grade, such as PCGS or NGC. There will be closeup views of all items, please make your own judgement.
  • Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/coolstax – Goods and Services Please.
How does Bidding Work?

Each lot in the auction will have a starting bid amount that is announced before the bidding begins for said lot.  Once bidding is open, registered bidders and YouTube channel members* may bid at will.  Silver Seeker will track the highest bidder and announce them to the stream as they happen.

As the bidding on a lot begins to slow down, Silver Seeker will, at his discretion, start a countdown timer.  While this timer is counting down, if there is a new bid it will automatically reset.  If there are no new bids when the clock reaches 0, the current high bidder will be announced as the winner by the Auction Bot!**

**There will be times when a bidder may believe that his bid got in before the clock went to 0, but remember because of YouTube stream delays, the actual timer will be at least a few seconds closer to 0 than what you see on the screen!  Be sure that if you really want an item that you don’t try and *snipe* it, because you may miss!  Once the bot closes the timer, it’s game over!

How to Bid: The command to bid is !bid #.
Example: !bid 50 would be a bid for 50.
This is your full bid, so if the current bid is $10 and you !bid 50 the current bid will now be $50, so keep that in mind.

If there is already a bid that is the same or higher than your bid, your bid will not count, so be sure to check and make sure you are bidder above the current bid!

*Note: After a lot crosses $100, please bid in increments of $5 only.  This helps speed up some of the more popular lots!

Reserve Lots: During an auction there may be lots with a hidden reserve price on them!  These lots will be noted on the spreadsheet and it will be announced that there is a reserve before bidding starts!  If the reserve is not met, the winner of the lot will have to option to purchase it for the reserve price, otherwise the lot will go as unsold.  The Reserve Price will be pre-printed but will only be revealed if the reserve on the lot is not met.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Silver Seeker reserves the right to override the bot for any reason he deems necessary.  This is important in the case that there was a legal bid that the bot failed to register for some reason or other scenarios where there is an error in the Auction Bot software!  In other words, regardless of who the bot says won, Silver Seeker has the final decision!

How to Register for Auctions

Registered Bidders are required to prevent fake bidders with no intention of paying from bidding up items against actual bidders.  Not only is this frowned upon, but it could be considered illegal.  We will not tolerate this sort of behavior and we require that our bidders have some way to be tied to a real person so that this sort of activity can be prevented.

Bids from an unregistered bidder will be ignored and the bot will let you know that you are not white-listed for bidding.  If they continue to use the !bid command they will receive a 5 minute timeout in the chat to prevent further disruption of the auction.  Continued bidding from the same unregistered bidder will result in further action up to and including a ban from the channel.  Again, this behavior can not and will not be tolerated.

Who needs to Register?

Anyone that doesn’t fit the two below criteria will need to register before their bids will be accepted in the auction.

* Regular Donors to the Silver Seeker LIVE CRH Stream may register simply by letting Silver Seeker know they would like to participate in the auction!  You must do this before the auction or during the first 30 minute registration period.

* YouTube Channel Members will be auto-registered either during the stream or in time for the next one.

How do I Register?

If you do not meet the two above criteria, you must register by purchasing a registration ticket from the Coolstax Vault!  The registration ticket costs just $1 and is our way of proving that are bidders are real people that are ready to bid and pay for their auction wins!
– Click Here to Register!

Note: You will need your channel link, if you do not know how to get this, please look at the diagram below!

* During the first 30 minutes of a live auction we will register new bidders from the website, but after 30 minutes only new channel members will be registered between lots.

If you have any further questions about the process, feel free to email Silver Seeker.


Auction Giveaways

We will sometimes have Giveaways at the end of our Auction LIVE Streams!  Those giveaways will be announced during the LIVE Auction, and will follow our normal CRH Stream Giveaway rules as if it was a CRH Stream.

Although the Giveaway rules will be posted in the Auction Stream description, here is a quick rundown just for good measure.


▶Giveaway Rules:

– All giveaways are strictly void where prohibited.
– YouTube is in no way affiliated with myself, Coolstax.com, or the Silver Seeker LIVE Stream.
– By entering our Giveaways, you release YouTube from any and all liability related to this Giveaway.
– By entering our Giveaways, you are acknowledging that you meet all eligibility requirements and that you have read and agreed to our giveaway rules listed at the link below.

▶Full Details, Rules, Eligibility, and other Silver Seeker Giveaway Information found here: https://coolstax.com/youtube-giveaways/

Popup Auctions: CRH Live Streams

During Saturday Night CRH Live-Streams there will be a type of auction called “Popup Auctions”.  These will be held during the CRH Live Stream.  Usually it’s just a few lots, but it generally won’t exceed 6 lots a night.

The popup auctions follow the same rules as a regular auction with one exception;  We will NOT accept auction registrations during the stream except new channel members.

If you want to register for popup auctions (and regular auction streams), please see the How to Register Tab above!  New channel members during the CRH stream will be automatically registered for the next auction!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike our large LIVE Auctions, the Pop-Up Auction Lots will not be imaged and/or announced before hand.  This is something that may change in the future however, and I’ll keep you posted when that happens!

Where do I get my Channel Link?

Getting your channel link is simple, just follow this diagram below!