Coolstax Auction: Registration

Become an authorized bidder for Silver Seeker's LIVE Auctions on YouTube! Ensure you read the description and familiarize yourself with our auction procedures at the Live Auctions Info Page before proceeding.

Reasons for Registration
  1. Helps verify genuine intent of bidders to win and settle auction lots.
  2. Deters fake or shill bidders who might drive up auction prices without intent to buy.
  3. Ensures that all bids are from registered members, without imposing mandatory channel memberships.
Registration Steps
  1. Send a $1 fee via the "PayPal Registration" button or via CashApp to $SilverSeekerYT.
  2. Include your YouTube Channel Name (the name you use in chat) in the notes when paying.
  3. After payment, notify Silver Seeker or a moderator. We'll verify and add you to our registered bidders list.
Additional Information

The $1 Auction Registration Fee is non-refundable. However, you can deduct $1 from your first auction win's total!

PayPal Registration - $1 Fee

CashApp: $SilverSeekerYT