Silver Seeker / Coolstax Giveaway Winners Page!
Welcome to our Giveaway Winners page!  This page will have the list of every Giveaway winner from a Coolstax (Silver Seeker) hosted giveaway starting from 2023 and forward!

Please note that this giveaway list is only for those giveaways hosted on in 2023 and forward.  It will not include winners of the Silver Seeker live stream as those winners are picked and announced live on air during the stream.

Note: The only information that will be provided will either be the winners First Name and Last Initial or their YouTube Channel Name.  No private information will be released about the winners publically.

2023 Monthly Giveaway Winners
Month Winner    Prize Won
April SteelHand   2006-S SF Old Mint Silver Dollar
May Mr. Dirty Nickels   10x 40% Silver Half Dollars
June Multi Winners – See Misc   1x 1oz Scottsdale Cowboy
July ToTod ToTod   1oz Silver Kangaroo
Aug Don G (All 5)   5x 57-D B.U. Red Wheat Cent
Sept No Giveaway Posted    
Oct 1oz Enviro Chief Rnd
1oz Silver Eagle
  Jonsh David
Nov 1oz Cowboy + 1oz Seeker Eagle Rnd   William P
Miscellaneous Giveaway Winners!
Date Winner    Prize Won
Feb 2023 Strat959   SD Bullion Swag Pack
Mar 2023 Clinton G   SD Bullion Swag Pack
May 2023 Wisconsin Scratches   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
May 2023 Kim N   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
May 2023 Teresa G   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
Jun 2023 Kimberly M   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
Jun 2023 John R   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
Jun 2023 KYGunRunner   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
Jun 2023 Kathy D   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round
Jun 2023 Randall A   1oz Scottsdale Cowboy Round (Discord Win)
Aug 2023 Brat_Stacker   1oz Silver 150k Sub Bar
Aug 2023 Jason L   1oz Silver 150k Sub Bar
Aug 2023 Robert S   1oz Silver 150k Sub Bar
100k Giveaway Winners List
Num Winner Name / Channel Name   Prize Won
1 Joey C   1/2oz 9999 Polar Bear
2 Paul F   1923 Peace Dollar
3 Ryan L   2022 Mexico Libertad
4 Joe M   2022 1oz Libertad
5 TRKGL1800   2022 PL Chronos
6 Garrett J   2008 Silver Eagle NGC MS70
7 Andrew T   1oz Silver Little John
8 Angie R   2010 Silver Eagle MS70
9 Tiff B   2022 1oz Silver Britannia
10 Marcus L   1oz Silver Buffalo
11 Kalimon Mining   2x 40% Halves from Video
12 Dansk L   1985 1oz Silver Libertad
13 Jeffree R   RFT 1oz Round
14 Manuel .45   10oz Silver Bar
15 Chris H   1986 Mexico Libertad
16 C Gadget   1g Gold Coin
17 Beth G   2002 Silver Eagle
18 Mithras4   1921 Morgan Silver Dollar
19 G Trahan   007 DIamonds are Forever 1oz
20 Mike I   1985 1oz Prospector
21 Terry K   1898-O Morgan MS62
22 Mr. Nickels   1922 Peace Dollar
23 Mustang Dave   1996 Silver Eagle
24 Buckeye Operator   1/10th Gold battleship
25 Ludikalo   2003 Eagle MS69
26 Tellus   2022 PL Chronos
27 BB-Eleven   2021 1oz Silver Superman
28 IT Decipher   2x Casino Tokens
29 RissaNicole   2022 1oz Silver Britannia
30 Hank F   2.8oz Excommunicado & Note
31 Colby G   1/2oz Calgary Stampede
32 Brett D   1oz Silverado
33 Tim W   2022 Green Lantern 1oz Sil
34 Chad B   Savage Skull Sterling
35 Michael E   1oz Cybermetals & 1/10th
36 Matthew M   2011 Silver eagle
37 Robert A   1oz Silver allegories
38 Stacies Misc   10g Geiger Bar
39 Cory W   2000 Silver Eagle
40 Daniel T   1998 Silver Eagle
41 Katie B   Coin Ring
42 Jeff J   1/4th Noahs Ark + 1/10th
43 Sean B   1/4th Noahs Ark + 1/10th
44 Bob R   1/4th Noahs Ark + 1/10th
45 Justin G   1/4th Noahs Ark + 1/10th
46 Ryan C   1oz Silver Shot in Shottie Shell
47 Kratos Tomatos   2023 1oz Silver Elephant
48 Geoffrey D   2023 1oz Silver Elephant
49 Marcy C   2023 1oz Silver Elephant
50 Kelly O   Treasure Chest
51 Todd P   1921 Engraved off Center Morgan
52 Ric Ped   2023 Engraved Morgan
53 Lori C   1oz Sunshine Seeker Logo
54 Frankie Finds Gold   2023 Engraved Peace Dollar
55 MT Lefty   1/4th oz Standing Lib Rnd
56 Will B   1oz Sunshine Custom Engrave