You can now sponsor Silver Seeker on Youtube!  This membership program (through Youtube) comes with some awesome added benefits!

Check out the information on membership below!  There will be even more detail to come in the near future!


What is a Youtube Member?

Live Stream Membership is something that YouTube implemented for certain channels to allow them to let their viewers and fans show their support for the channel!.  It allows a viewer to “sponsor” the channel through a monthly contribution! You can compare it to something like Patreon, except there are some awesome YouTube only benefits to being a member!  Check out some of the awesome benefits below.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

When you first become a member on Silver Seeker’s Youtube Channel you get these awesome new member benefits!

  • Green Name on Live Streams!
  • Sponsor Badge by your name on Live Streams!
  • Access to Custom Emoji’s on Live Streams!
  • No chat limitations on Live Stream!
  • Access to Members Only community tab posts on Youtube!
  • Name in Credits at the end of EVERY Live Stream!

Additionally, you can choose a higher tier that comes with even more benefits for being a Member!

  • Silver Seeker! ($4.99 per Month)
    • Periodic Member-Only Live Stream Chats!
    • Access to Secret Member Only Videos!
    • Access to Special Member Only room on Discord
      • In this room you can share coin pics, ask me questions about those coins, share with other members and more!
    • Silver Recognition!
      • You are recognized as a Silver Seeker at the end of my videos and on the CRH LIVE Streams!

  • Gold Seeker! ($9.99 per Month) 
    • Gold Thank You Pack!
      • Hand-Signed Seeker Card
      • Thank You Letter
      • Mystery Silver Coin
    • Gold Recognition
      • You are recognized as a Gold Seeker at the end of my videos and on the CRH LIVE Streams!
    • Gold Community Tab Posts!
      • You’ll get access to Gold Seeker and Higher Community Posts!
        • Alot of these will be special behind the scenes images etc!

  • Platinum Seeker! ($19.99 per Month)
    • Platinum Thank You Pack!
      • Hand-Signed FOIL Seeker Card
      • Thank You Letter
      • Mystery Silver Coin
    • Platinum Recognition
      • You are recognized as a Platinum Seeker at the end of my videos and on the CRH LIVE Streams!
    • Platinum Wall!
      • Your Channel Name listed on the Platinum Wall at the Beginning of CRH LIVE Streams!
    • Channel Influencer!
      • You will get the opportunity to have direct input on the direction of my channel such as video ideas, stream changes and more! Check the community tab for questions I will ask exclusively to Platinum Seekers regarding these things!

  • Palladium Seeker ($39.99 per Month)
    • Palladium Seeker Shirt
      • You will get an awesome Palladium Seeker only shirt!
    • Palladium Voice Chat!
      • Monthly voice chats and periodic one on one chats via discord, ask anything within reason!
    • Palladium Recognition!
      • I will highlight one Palladium Members name HUGE at the end of each new video!
    • Topic Picker!
      • I will pick a Palladium Member topic suggestion and make a video on it once per month!
    • Discord Perks!
      • Special Perks on our discord server including your very own emoji and more!
How do I become a member?

It’s easy to become a member!  Just click THIS LINK or click the Join Button next to the subscribe button on my page and videos!