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About Talking Hands

Welcome to "Talking Hands," a unique video podcast that delves into the fascinating world of silver, gold, and precious metals. Each week, join us for a raw and unfiltered exploration of the current markets and the intricate world of numismatics.

Unlike traditional podcasts, here the focus is on silver bullion, silver and gold coins, and the tactile beauty of precious metals. As I narrate, you'll see an array of stunning silver and gold, providing a visually captivating experience. However, there is no need to watch the screen; feel free to listen while you work or go about your day. It's all about the hands and the metals, with no distractions.

Expect passionate discussions, sometimes fiery, as we cover topics that ignite emotions in the precious metals community. Whether you're a seasoned stacker or new to the world of silver and gold, "Talking Hands" offers insights, stories, and a front-row seat to the ever-evolving landscape of precious metals.

Occasionally, we'll have guest experts sharing their perspectives, enriching your understanding of the precious metals world. So, tune in, get inspired, and let's explore the allure and power of precious metals together!