If you follow me on Youtube or at least watch my streams, you are probably aware that I like to “slab” my own coins.  Now I know that my slabs don’t mean anything in the coin world, and they certainly aren’t like a NGC of PCGS slabbed coin (in fact, I don’t even value them higher than if it were just a raw coin), but they are cool and I hope that some people will like to collect them just because!

If not, of course that’s also okay… but it is kind of cool to me to think that someone may want to collect Silver Seeker slabs!  So, I have taken it a step further.  I have created a searchable photo database of my “Slabs”.  You are now able to search for a slab by it’s serial number and see the details of that particular coin. With a serial number search you can see the picture of the coin, the grade, and also any relevant information that I decided to add to it.  I thought this would be a cool idea so that people with one could search the serial number and see the picture to ensure that it is in fact authentic (yea, because people REALLY want to make fake Silver Seeker slabs!).

Seeker Slab Search Example

To do a search for a serial number you have is quite simple!  Just enter the number on the SS Slab search box on the website and it will bring up all relevant images to that serial number!  Pretty cool huh?  Here is an image showing exactly where to search!


I didn’t stop there however, as it’s no fun for people that don’t have one!  So I’ve also created an image gallery where I still store all the pictures of each “Silver Seeker Slab” that anyone can browse through!  They will be able to pull up the same information as they would if they searched for the serial number, but you won’t need to have one!  You can just go browse and see all the coins that I’ve “slabbed”!

Well that’s about it guys, I hope you like it!  I hope to increase the functionality of the database in the future, and perhaps add even more information to coins, such as value, mintage and other fun details!