Cent TrophyAs I have previously mentioned on my streams as of recent, we’ve been planning a Coin Roll Hunting (CRH) League and Tournament series!  I’m happy to announce that we are finally moving forward and getting ready to do our first ever CRH Tournament!

We will host the bracket and assist in schedule for participants, and we will make sure that all battles are streamed not only for verification, but for fun!  We do hope that you can join us in some of the hunts/battles and enjoy it right along with those that will be doing the hunting!

If you want to participate, be sure to sign up quickly as slots are limited to 14 for the first tournament.  After you signup I will contact you via email and verify that you understand and agree to all the details as they are laid out on the battle page. You can also visit that page to keep an eye on how the brackets are forming up, along with any other important information.

All battles no matter where they are streamed will be uploaded to our new coin roll hunting channel: Coin Off.  If you think this sounds alot like Coin Opp… thats because it does!  Dustin is huge in the coin community, so it’s a definite nod to his channel!

Scheduling will being on January 18th, and all scheduled battles will be listed on the battle page.  If you have any further question, feel free to contact Silver Seeker and he will answer them for you as best he can!

(Update:  Scheduling is postponed due to illness of one of the founding members… we will let you know when we have a new timeline.)