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Battle it out in the ultimate LIVE STREAM Coin Roll Hunt Tournament!

Coin Roll Hunting BATTLES will take place live on YouTube for your enjoyment!  Please be sure to visit this page for information on battle dates and times!

Scheduling for this tournament is due to begin in January 18th, 2018.

Want to participate?  Be sure to read the rules and requirements below, than go and sign up by clicking HERE!

To participate you must have access to a webcam and the ability to clearly stream your hunt.  You and your opponent must schedule your battle within the one week time period starting from Wednesday and provide Silver Seeker with the information so that it can be hosted here.

Failure to show for a scheduled battle results in an automatic loss.

  • Penny rolls are required to be bank shotgun rolled in paper.  Shrink plastic wrappers are not acceptable.
  • Battlers will present each roll for a quick camera inspection before opening each roll.
  • Battlers must have a camera pointed at their hands at all times when opening.
  • Battlers must arrive for their mutually scheduled battles, and if neither can stream, they must schedule with a streamer who can host their battle for them LIVE!
  • Any cheating results in an automatic disqualification and a ban from participating in future battles.



  • 1950 – 1958 Wheat Cent
  • 1960 or later Canada cent or any other foreign coin


  • 1940 to 1949 Wheat Cent
  • 1959 and earlier Canada Cent


  • 1943 Steel Cent
  • 1939 or Earlier Wheat Cent

We’re using a Double Elimination bracket, which means that even if you lose early you have a chance to come back and win it all!  The Grand Final will be battled out between the champion of the winners bracket and the champion of the losers bracket.

In order for the champion of the losers bracket to win the Grand Final, he must defeat his opponent twice, where as the champion of the winners bracket must only defeat the loser once!

For further information, please contact Silver Seeker!