Silver Seeker UpdateHey Everyone!  I thought that maybe I would actually provide an update to my website since you haven’t heard anything from me here in a few weeks!  I’ve mainly been light on the website because I’ve been so busy on YouTube!  I’ve been streaming Wednesdays and Sunday nights, and literally making videos to be uploaded every single day!

Currently I’m in the middle of releasing videos on a series of 6 awesome RARE Proof Coins!  Hopefully you’ve seen them, because they are awesome!  The Live Streams, although I have a normal structure, always seems to be mixed up from week to week!  I’ve had Dime-Mania, the Silver Dollar Stream, Sunday Half Dollar Special, and others like that as well!

So anyway, I promise to get back to posting on the website!  Stay tuned, but most importantly, make sure you’re subbed to me on YouTube to keep updated!