Hey Everyone!  I want to apologize for being absent for the last week.  A few things have happened IRL that have kept me more busy than I want to be, and I’ve had to focus on that.  I’m close to being caught up however, and you can expect more videos from me soon.

So, what’s going on?

  • The current giveaway is doing FANTASTIC!  Getting lots of likes and comments on the video, comments here on our website, shares on Facebook, and even a couple of video shout outs!
  • Coolstax.com is starting to actually get a few hits, and that definitely inspires me to post more on the site.  I’m hoping we’re large enough that in the future I can get a volunteer that knows a lot about coins or silver stacking to assist in writing for the website.  That would definitely be helpful.
  • In the coin world, because of being busy I haven’t had too much new to add to my collection.  I haven’t even had much of a chance to bank roll hunt lately… but again, when all this is caught up, I’ll be back to my old self for sure.

Anyway, that’s all for now… just wanted to bring everyone a quick update.  Lastly, make sure you check the channel, as we just did the giveaway for the ols 40% Silver Half Dollar giveaway.  See you all later!