Hey Everyone!  Silver Seeker on Youtube is now approaching 1000 Subscribers!  That is an amazing number for just starting out, and I’ve decided to do a Big Silver Giveaway as a thank you!  SO… here are the details, that are also going to be laid out in the Big Silver Giveaway video!

Giveaway #1:
1oz Silver Kangaroo1oz 2015 Australia Silver Kangaroo!

To qualify for this giveaway, you simply need to be a Silver Seeker Youtube subscriber, and leave a like and comment on the giveaway video!  We are going to make this the channels featured video, so it shouldn’t be hard to find!   We will also have the video here on the website for more ways to find it!






Giveaway #2:
Wartime Silver Nickel Set

Complete United States Wartime Silver Nickel Set!

To qualify for this giveaway you must make a short video for your Youtube channel calling out Silver Seeker!  After you’ve uploaded it, leave a comment that it’s on your channel and I’ll check to verify.  That’s it!



Giveaway #3:
2015 1/2oz Special Forces2015 1/2oz Canadian Canada/US Special Forces Commem!

To quality for this giveaway, we ask that you follow us on Facebook and share this post on your Facebook!  Once you’ve shared it and followed the page, let us know and we’ll add you to the giveaway list for this silver coin!

There is an incredibly easy way to share a post from Coolstax btw… on your left hand side you should see a share bar, just click the Facebook button!





Giveaway #4:

1g Silver Car 1g Silver Indian2x 1-gram Silver Bars:

There will be 2 winners for this giveaway.  To be entered, simply leave a comment on this post about what you think of Silver Seeker and Coolstax!  I’ll pick 2 comments from this post and send each of them one of these 1-gram Silver Bars!

I look forward to hearing your comments!


The final question is, when?  When will I pull the trigger and pick the winners for this giveaway?  The answer is at 1500 subs!  When our Youtube channel hits that magic number of 1500, all of these prizes will be given away!
You can help that day come faster by sharing this post and the video with as many people as you know on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc…

I’ll update our giveaway page soon with the newest giveaway video and updated information pertaining to this particular giveaway very soon!