Hey Everyone!  My first idea for coolstax.com didn’t go over so well, so I’ve rethought it.  Rather than being a site that people can share videos on (because you can already do that on Youtube), I’ve decided to make it a more informational site.  I have many many years of experience with Silver and Gold stacking, along with coins for their Numismatic value… and I LOVE talking about them.  So I thought, why not just make a site where I can share my knowledge, ideas, and also post my videos from Youtube!

Again, my original thought was to let everyone be able to post their videos on a site dedicated to coins and stacking, but I think that this will go over better, and I can help maintain quality control over the site and the posts.  That being said, if you’re a content creator that wants to share his videos about coins or Silver/Gold stacking, you should contact me so we can talk.  I may be able to provide you your own forum on this website, which hopefully will bring more viewers should this site get popular.

So I welcome you all, to the new Coolstax.com.  Please, don’t pay attention to the mess while I get this place fixed up!