Today I made a video on a couple of off-center Lincoln Cents that I had in my collection.  While the video gives most of the information that I have about them, I thought that I would also share detailed pictures here on my website!

I estimate these coins to be 60% and 80% off center respectively… the one that is 80% off-center I believe is pre-1982, and the 60% off-center one I believe is post 1982 (when they converted over to copper coated zinc pennies).  I could weigh them to be 100% sure, but it’s more fun this way I believe.

Off-Center Lincoln Penny #1

Off-Center Lincoln Penny #1You can see on this one to the left of the reverse a glimmer of zinc near the press.  I believe that this was exposed during the off-center press of the coin.  This one appears to be uncirculated and post 1982.




Off-Center Lincoln Penny #2 Off-Center Lincoln Penny #2

On this example there are scratched on the obverse area of the coin, in the unpressed area.  I was unable to see any zinc under the scratches, and they appear deep enough to reveal the zinc if it were there.



Feel free to check out the video as well, if you haven’t seen it yet. It shows you both of these coins under the coin microscope!