This week the annual 2019 FUN Show (Florida United Numismatists) in Orlando Florida is taking place. Every year the FUN show, which is one of the biggest coin shows in the entire world, takes place in early to mid January, and lasts almost an entire week.

At this years 2019 FUN show, thousands of dealers, including all the big shots, and the most valuable coins in the entire world surface for one amazing (and expensive) event! This year, like every year, Heritage Auctions holds their premiere numismatic auction night, where thousands of very rare and very valuable coins are sold.

On January 10th, 2019 a VERY rare 1885 Trade Dollar was sold at this very auction for $3,960,000! Yes, that’s 3.96 Million Dollars. There are only 5 1885 Trade Dollar Coins in existence, and they aren’t even supposed to exist! There is no record whatsoever of an 1885 Trade Dollar ever being struck, and yet, they exist and are real!