Today I uploaded a video displaying the Type 2 1991 Silver Libertad.  This coin is a key date in the Silver Libertad series, and is a beautiful coin as well!

Check out the video and continue reading below…

One thing that I failed to point out in the video that is really neat, is that if you look at OnZa… OZ being large could also be construed and the abbreviation for ounce!.  Sadly I don’t think this is the actual reason… and the reasoning for the redesign is unknown as far as I know.  I’d be more convinced if Au (The small letters in PLaTA PuRA) was the elemental symbol for Silver instead of Gold (Ag is Silver, Au is Gold)

I picked up the example that is shown here in the video at a coin show… before I saw it at the show I didn’t even know that it existed, but I fell in love with the redesign.  This is really a near coin, and I’m definitely glad to have it as part of my collection.

This picture is a perfect side by side comparison of the two different types for anyone interested.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or other information that I don’t know about.