I just finished recording a video about this awesome Silver Shield round in my collection… the limited edition Vote Witch 2016 Silver Shield round.  This was a first run Silver Shield group members only, and they only did a run of 1000 of them.  There are others out there, but this run, from what I can tell, was the first and definitely the most limited.

The round came in a black Silver Shield box with the encapsulated coin and the Certificate of Authenticity.  Mine was number 668 of 1000… so close to the middle of the run, but still limited none the less.

Here are a couple pics on this round from my collection…

Vote Witch 2016 ReverseVote Witch 2016 ObverseVote Witch 2016 Cert

Obviously this piece pre-dates the election… but I did not discover it until well after.  Definitely a neat piece and one that I plan on keeping in my collection for a long time.