Another Month… another Giveaway!  As you may know, last month we started our Monthly Coolstax Giveaway here at!  Last months winner was DarrellUSA, so congratulations to him!  But now, it is time for yet another giveaway!  This month we decided to go Silver, so we are giving away a 1oz Silver Bitcoin themed Silver Round!

1oz Silver Bitcoin RoundThis round is obviously not a real Bitcoin (I wish), but it is a beautiful 1oz Silver Round that is Bitcoin themed… a perfect way to stack a physical store of wealth while at the same time having a link back to the crypto world!

So head over to the giveaway page, and get as many entries as you can!  Remember that the more entries you have, the better off your chances of winning!  So share your link with all your friends and have them sign up with your link so you can get even more entries!