Another Month… another Giveaway!  Last months winner was TheHeftyStacker!  Congratulations on winning the 1oz Silver Bitcoin Themed Silver Round featured in our Coolstax May 2019 Giveaway!

But now, it is time for yet another giveaway!  This month we decided to go with a Proof Commemorative Silver Dollar!  Specifically, this Beautiful 1987 Proof United States Constitution Commemorative Silver Dollar!

This coin is a real $1 Silver Dollar coin issued by the United States Mint to commemorate to 200th Anniversary of the Constitution of the United States!  It is stuck in a beautiful Proof Finish and is 90% Silver!

So head over to the giveaway page, and get as many entries as you can!  Remember that the more entries you have, the better off your chances of winning!  So share your link with all your friends and have them sign up with your link so you can get even more entries!