Hey Everyone!  I just wanted to give a quick update and let everyone know that Robert Grah has won the 2020 Australian Kookaburra Giveaway!  That’s right, Robert Grah from the streams!  Congratulations to you Robert!

I also wanted to let you know that since I am currently running the 10oz of Silver Giveaway for my 10,000 Subscriber Milestone, that we will not be doing a 1oz Silver Giveaway for December 2019!  Instead, please go check out that giveaway, of which the winners will be drawn LIVE on Monday, December 9th!

Be sure to check out this video here and get over to YouTube to leave your comment and get your entry into this giveaway!  Official rules for that giveaway can be found in the description of the video!

Thank You so much for all of your support!