Welcome to the Silver Seeker Half Dollar CRH Extravaganza!  Our CRH Live Stream is about relaxing, having fun, and hopefully finding some SILVER!

What is the CRH LIVE stream about?

My stream is about Coin Roll hunting and the love of coins!  During our streams we coin roll hunt through Rolls of Half Dollars in the Hunt for SILVER!  During the stream we will pick random people that are watching to hunt 5 Half Dollar Coin Rolls for them in a LIVE Box Battle!  We will keep score of how many NIFC’s, 40%, 90%, and other Miscellaneous Coins they find, and the person who ends up the Box Leader at the end of the box they were in will win any Silver that we find in the box, plus a bonus GAW item that I’ll add to the box myself to make sure they get FREE SILVER!

(Note: You must be eligible for giveaways based on the Giveaway Rules listedn below!)

Box Battle Scoring System:

As mentioned above, each person that gets rolls from a Half Dollar box will battle it out with everyone else that gets rolls from the same box.  The person at the end of the box that retains the Box Leader title will win any Silver Coins that we find in the box, along with any Proof Coins, Foreign Coins, and Commemorative Coins!  We will also add extra Silver to each End of Box GAW to make sure that the person that wins that box gets guaranteed SILVER!

Our Point Scoring System is as follows:

  • NIFC’s, Foreign and Proof Coins: 1pt per Coin
  • 40% Silver Half Dollars & Commemoratives: 2pts per Coin
  • 90% 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollars: 4pts per Coin
  • Franklin and Walking Liberty Half Dollars: 5pts per Coin
  • Barber Half Dollars: 10pts per Coin

Box Leader:

At the end of the 5 rolls we will count up the points and assign a box leader… if there is already a box leader and you don’t have more points than they do, you are out.  If you tie with the current leader, we will roll a D20 and choose Odds for one and Evens for the other to determine who gets to retain the title of box leader!  At the end of the box, the person who still has the title of Box Leader wins!

Channel Membership:

Did you know you can support the stream by being a member? Members get MANY added benefits on my stream for as long as they remain a sponsor!  Please click this link for more details.


Discord is now tied into the stream!  You can check the stream specific discord rooms for information about upcoming LIVE Streams as well as hang out and chat with others about Gold, Silver, Coins and More!

▶ Join Our Discord Here: http://discord.gg/CXXqtUE

LIVE Auctions:

During the CRH streams we may Auction off certain Coins, Gold and Silver items to help support the stream and of course the giveaways as well!  For more information on how our auctions work, check the link below!

▶ Auction Information: https://coolstax.com/live-auctions-info/

Seeker Coins*

Seeker Coins are like our own little rewards program!  You can earn Seeker Coins for free just by watching the stream.  Every 10 minutes that you’re watching, you’ll earn 5 Seeker Coins.  Seeker coins are used for a number of awesome things that allow you to interact with the stream!

  • Seeker Coins can can be used to play in the minigames on our Live Stream!  Ex: !Bankheist etc…
  • Seeker Coins are used to enter some of our 100% Free Giveaways!  Lost all your seekers on mini-games?  No worries, I will always give the entire chat enough Seekers for an entry!  Again, 100% free to enter giveaways!

Silver Seeker’s Silver Quest:

Silver Seeker’s Silver Quest is a board game that we play during the stream!  At the end of each box we spin a D6 (6-Sided Dice) 15 times and move that many spaces across the board!  The board will have certain spots that add things like Seekers to the Chat, items for the Box Winner and more!
Every time we finish the board and “tier up” and pull a new tier card that also adds items to the End of Stream GAW!

Silver Seeker's Silver Quest

Here are just SOME of the things that the board game and add to the EoS!

  • Tons of Seekers to the Entire Chat!
  • 90% Silver Dimes for the Box Winner!
  • 40% Silver Half Dollars for the Box Winner!
  • A Guaranteed 5 Roll Spot in the next CRH!
  • and So Much More!!!

The SuperChat Wheel!

For every $50 in Superchats that are donated during the stream, we will spin the Superchat wheel and add whatever it lands on to the End of Stream Giveaway!

Superchat Wheel

Items that can be added to the EoS Giveaways Include:

  • 90% Silver Half Dollars
  • 1/4th oz Silver Rounds
  • 1/2 oz Silver Rounds
  • 1oz Silver Rounds
  • 1oz Silver Eagles
  • Mystery MEGA Item (1 per Night)

The items on the wheel can change in the future, so this list may not always be 100% accurate, but there will always be awesome items on the wheel!

How to Enter our Giveaways!*

We use two different methods for our Live Stream Giveaways:

▶ Chatbot Giveaways: For small giveaways we use our Chatbot: To enter while the Giveaway is running is !enter # where # is the number of entries you’d like. The Giveaway uses seekers for entries (no cash value) that you get just by watching the stream. The amount of Seekers per entry will be announced with each giveaway. For more details, please ask in the chat.

▶ Nightbot Giveaways: Nightbot picks a random person that has been active in the chat in the last 5 minutes. Before a Nightbot giveaway winner is picked, we will give everyone in the chat 2 minutes to “become active” by commenting in the live chat.

▶ Giveaway Winners: Giveaway winners will be listed in the #stream-gaw-winners room on our Discord server.  The winners names will remain until an hour before the start of the following live stream.  Be sure you double check there to see if you’ve won!

There are certain rules to the giveaways that must be agreed to before entering.  Entering the giveaways means that you have read and agree to the rules of the giveaway before entering!

(Important: You must read giveaway rules at the bottom of this page.  Entering a Giveaway means you have read, understand, and agree to them)

Shipping your Coins:

Packages that are valued at $10.01+ and/or weigh 2 oz and up will be sent via USPS First Class w/ Tracking.  I will e-mail you your tracking number as soon as I ship your items.

Free giveaways and items valued under $10 will be sent via USPS First Class envelope unless otherwise noted.  No tracking will be provided (unfortunately this is cost prohibitive).  We ship packages on Mondays and Tuesdays unless otherwise noted.

I pay for 100% of shipping charges to anywhere in the United States.  For those outside of the United States, please read the Eligibility and Legal section.

Any variations to our shipping policy will be discussed ahead of time with the recipient.

Interacting with the Coolstax Bot!

Click this link to check out all of the BOT commands as well as view a quick video that shows you how to interact with the Chatbot!

Eligibility and Legal:

Currently I can only support shipping to the United States and Canada.  If you happen to win an item and are outside of those two countries, I will instead PayPal you the fair market value of the items that you won!

*Anything in my stream is void where prohibited.
*YouTube is in no way affiliated with myself, Coolstax.com, or Silver Seeker.
*Giveaway Winners MUST be 18 or older to contribute, there can be no exceptions.
*Seeker Tokens and Savior Cards have NO cash or monetary value and can be removed from your account at any time and for any reason.  While they do carry over from stream to stream and you can accumulate them, we do not guarantee that data issues won’t affect them, and we can not replace them.

(IMPORTANT: Giveaway Rules that you MUST agree to if you intend to enter a giveaway!)

  • All giveaways are free to enter and are strictly void where prohibited!
  • You must be 18 to enter our any of our Giveaways!
  • Giveaway Prizes will only ship to the United States and Canada.  If you win a giveaway but are not from those two countries, the fair market value of the prizes won will be sent to you via PayPal.
  • Any entries into a giveaway that do not comply with the official rules or YouTube Community Guidelines will be disqualified and void.
  • Silver Seeker may, at his sole and absolute discretion, invalidate any entry for any reason, including those which violate the official rules or is deemed to be objectionable in any way.
  • All giveaways items are purchased by Silver Seeker unless otherwise noted.  Giveaway items are shipped free of charge by Silver Seeker.
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter our giveaways!
    • Purchasing an item from Coolstax or Superchatting/Contributing in any way to Silver Seeker on YouTube does not increase your chances to win any giveaways.
  • YouTube does not sponsor nor is YouTube in any way affiliated with our Live-Stream or Giveaways.
  • Personal data sent to us for this giveaway is for the sole purpose of sending the item(s) won and will not be shared with any third party nor used for any other purpose.

*We adhere to all YouTube terms of service and community guidelines.  These policies can be here at the links below.

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