General Help Commands

  • !seekers
    • Display your current hours watched and your current seeker count!
  • !help
    • Display a generic help message to the chat with some of the more common commands:
  • !email
    • Display my email address for an easy copy and paste to send me an email!
  • !paypal
    • Displays a donation link for my PayPal if you want to donate!
  • !rank
    • Display your user rank to the chat
  • !rules
    • Displays the general chat rules to the stream (they go into more detail HERE)
  • !give
    • Allows you to give some of your seekers to someone else in the chat.
    • Example: !give Silver Seeker 200 would take 200 of your seekers and give them to Silver Seeker.
    • Note: Not always active, the Mods control whether or not I enable this command.
  • !discord
    • Link to our discord server!
  • !tracker
    • Display a link to the NIFC Tracker
Fun and Games!


  • This will award everyone in the chat a certain amount of seekers (it’s random between a set of pre-determined numbers). Using this command will cost you 500 seekers to use it.  Please be sure you are okay spending your seekers for this command! Example: !makeitrain


  • Join up with other chat members to try and hit up the seeker bank!  You can use your seekers to provide funding for the bank heist (cost of weapons, masks etc).  The more that you contribute the bigger your split of the winnings! Example: !bankheist 500 Note: The bankheist is sometime on cooldown (the bot will let you know).  If it’s not going and not on cooldown when you use the command, YOU will be the one to start it!


  • Wager up to 500 of your seekers for a chance to double them!  You have a 40% chance to double… but if you win there is a 4% chance to triple instead of double! Additionally, each time someone loses the jackpot increases!  If you roll a 100, you win whatever is in the jackpot! example: !wager 50 Check the current jackpot by typing: !wager jackpot 3 Minute Cooldown


  • Spin the seekers slot machine by typing !slots in chat!  When you pull the level, the bot will give you 3 random emojis from a specifies list.  If they match up, you win some seekers! 6 Minute Cooldown


  • When you use this command you can “flip” a seeker coin!  If you lose the flip, your 50 seekers fly away!  If you win, you get them back plus 50 more! (100). 3 Minute Cooldown


  • !guess: When a game of Hangman is running, you can play along by guessing a letter using this command and the letter or word!
    • Example: !guess t would guess the letter T for hangman!
  • Costs and Rewards:
    • Guessing a Letter: 50 Seekers
      • Find a Letter Reward: 100 Seekers
    • Guess the whole Word: 100 Seeker
      • Find the Correct Word Reward: 1000 Seekers


  • Have some fun with Silver Badger by having a donut appears on the screen and the sirens blare for our local 5-0 and Moderator!

!enter This is the command that you use to enter the giveaways.  The bot messages and the chat overlay will display the cost per entry.  To enter the giveaway you simply type: !enter # – where # is how many entries you want! Example: !enter 10 will give you 10 entries. (Note: if entries cost 100 seekers, then !enter 10 will take 1000 seekers for 10 entries.)


This is a list of Moderator only commands!  These will not work for viewers, but I wanted to have a reference for them as well.

  • !reward #
    • Rewards the entire chat the specified number of seekers.
      • Example: !reward 500
  • !add name #
    • Adds the specified number of seekers to the named person. (The @ symbol doesn’t work here (yet))
      • Example: !add Silver Seeker 500
  • !wheel
    • Spins the Wheel of Seekers!  (Be sure to reward the chat afterwards… if it lands on 1000, spin again)
  • !whistle
    • Makes a whistle sound to get Silver Seekers attention!
  • !hangman
    • Starts a game of Hangman for the Chat!

More to come soon!

Bot Interaction Video