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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Due to my being out of town Between June 2nd and June 10th of 2023, there will be a small shipping delay for orders placed during that time period!

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Custom Stacker Box

Custom Stacker Box
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What are Stacker Boxes?

Stacker Boxes are monthly subscriptions in precious metals and coins!  With each Stacker Box you will receive top quality Silver, Gold, or coins depending on which crate you sign up for!

Boxes come to your front door every single month, and can be cancelled at any time!  Everytime you get a box it will be a little bit different, so it's also kind of like a monthly gift to yourself, you never know EXACTLY what is going to be inside!

Watch the video here on this page, or just read and maybe even try one out for yourself!

--Silver Seeker

Custom Stacker Box

You're looking at the CUSTOM designed Stacker Box!

This box can contain a slew of different items, depending on the options you choose!

  • U.S. Gold and Silver Eagles
  • Canada Gold and Silver Maples
  • South Africa Gold and Silver Krugerrands
  • Gold Bars from Companies like PAMP Suisse and IGR!
  • 90% and 40% Constitutional U.S. Silver
  • 1oz Silver Rounds from companies like Sunshine Minting, Silvertowne and More!
  • U.S. Collectible Coins
  • World Collectible Coins
  • Many more not listed here...

Benefits on Subscribing to a Stacker Box:

  • All collectible coin items will be in V.G. or better condition!
  • All Bullion Items (Rounds, Bars, Etc...) will be in B.U. / New Condition.
  • Your box will be delivered to your door each month!
  • You can cancel at any time!

There is absolutely NO contract and no obligation, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

How to start?

Starting your custom monthly Stacker Box is simple!  Just select your Starter Box, select the options you want for the box, then select your monthly box rate!  So if you want your first box to be smaller and try it out, you can choose the smaller one, then your next months box will be based on the monthly option you selected!

If you have ANY questions about the Stacker Box subscriptions, getting started, or just questions in general... feel free to contact us!

*The picture shown is just an example of the different types of coins that can be found in your box and may not look like the one shown.  The amount of silver in your box will vary based on the box size and the precious metal spot prices on the day your box ships.

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