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Discord Trader Registration

Discord Trader Registration
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Discord Trader Registration


This item allows you to get access to the Buy/Sell/Trade rooms in the YouTube Silver & Coin Community Discord Server

Click Here to Join!

After you have purchased your registration item, you must:

  • Agree to the Trade Room Rules in the Discord Server
    • You can do this by reading the #trade-rules room in the Discord Server, which also explains how to agree to them
  • After doing so, wait patiently and Silver Seeker will contact you and ask you to confirm your purchase of the trade room registration.

Why do we do this?

  • The reason that we do this is to ensure that people that join the Trade Room are serious traders and not someone attempting to join the trade rooms just to scam others in there.  This $1 fee isn't a way to make profit, it's simply a way to make sure confirmation.

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